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About us:

    At LTH we are committed to:

  • The use of native-speakers as translators – we believe this is essntial for achieving lexical cohesion, idiomatic fluency, and grammatical correctness for each and every translation/proofreading task we undertake.
  • An in-depth command of modern communication platforms and desktop publishing software to help offer the most competitive content management in the industry.
  • Using language at the standard of a fluent bilingual speaker thereby guaranteeing that culturally-dependent nuances are understood and reflected throughout the source and the translation.
  • Honouring the format of documents to ensure the translated version matches the original..
  • Maintaining the most competitive pricing in order to allow for the highest quality translation at an optimal price.

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Our services

Translation of Official Documents

  • Birth Certificate – Certificate of Family Relationship – ID card – International ID Card
  • Marriage and Divorce Certificates 
  • Vaccination Card
  • Driving Licence – Military Service Card – Exemption of Military Service Card
  • Certificates – Qualifications – Transcript Records of School and Universities 
  • Bank Statement – Business Contract – Real Estate Agreement
  • CVs – Work Experience Letters 
  • All kinds of official and unofficial documents and text from other languages to English or any other languages and vica versa.
  • Editing of work experience letters and CVs
  • Providing assistance for completing embassy forms for tourist, business, academic and immigration visas.

Interpretation Services

  • We offer interpretation services for Embassies, Consulates and Government Departments including the Home Office, Job Centres, housing departments, NHS, and other organisations in the United Kingdom.
  • We offer consultation on all translation and interpretation requests.

True Copy Certified

  • We offer true copy certification of original documents to potential customer if required for legal purposes.

Translation of any documents and texts (A – Z languages)

  • From Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Malay, Mandarin, Russian, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish and any other languages to English or any other languages and vice versa.

Our Translation Services: 

Farsi to English Translation – Urdu to English Translation – Pashto to English Translation – Arabic to English Translation – German to English Translation – Dutch to English Translation – Spanish to English Translation – French to English Translation – Italian to English Translation – Chinese to English Translation – Russian to English Translation – English to Farsi Translation – English to Urdu Translation – English to Pashto Translation – English to Arabic Translation – English to German Translation – English to Dutch Translation – English to Spanish Translation – English to French Translation – English to Italian Translation – English to Chinese Translation – English to Russian Translation

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